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How to suck at deviantART

Mon May 26, 2014, 11:14 AM
DeviantART is getting more and more popular, but people forget how to use this website. This is not Tumblr, Facebook, Blogger or Instagram... this is deviantART a place where you can upload your artwork, get some watchers, critiques, you can meet other artists, and  learn from each other. Now, the problem here is people doesn't know how to use social networks and they confuse these sites very often. Maybe you have that friend who uses Facebook like Twitter account, right? Same here, users forgot deviantART is not a place for memes, screenshots, and many other things I will mention in this journal.

By the way, this journal may sound mean, but I'm trying to help. This journal is not meant to insult anyone. If you're a newcomer and you want to learn what not to do here, this is your lucky day.

Without further ado, here
 we have some big nopes:

Videogame screenshots

Hey, guess what? Videogame developers are artists, too.  Making a videogame, designing a character and what's around it takes a lot of time. So, you just took a screenshot, uploaded it to deviantART as your work and now you're getting the views and favorites that belong to the people involved in the videogame. Not fair. People who worked on that videogame are the only people who should upload those screenshots, they own that artwork. These artists created those characters and the enviroment that surrounds them, not you.

Porn and perv content

Ok, this is big NOPE. Nudes are fine, I don't care about nudes, honestly I have the mature content hidden... but, porn? Really? You're uploading porn to deviantART. Stop, please. Remember, there's a difference between porn  and nudes. Nudes are supposed to be artistic, we don't see art in porn.

Porn without the mature tag
No comments.

Not growing up as an artist

Look at my work. It's... okay, but I've been getting better. Sometimes, you guys send me notes saying: "Hey, uh, that guy's face looks a little bit smooshed. Good work, but you can fix and have an amazing drawing." And I think they're right, so I fix it, I learn a bit more, and now I improved some of my drawings. I have to work harder, though. Nothing is perfect.

Many times you see people who started drawing ponies using Microsoft Paint back when deviantART started, and some of those still doing the same thing. They didn't upgrade to a different and better program like Adobe Photoshop, they just keep doing the same thing over and over again. People say: "Hello, it would be great if you fix--" and they go: "Na-ah, I'm the best. Don't critique my work because it's perfect." If you want to be a good artist, take critiques. Be honest with yourself, if you avoid comments about your drawings and photographs you're lying to yourself.

There's always room for improvement, remember that.


deviantART is not Facebook or Instagram, it's a place for art. A selfie for your deviant ID? Good! You can do it, and people will see your face and they'll know what you look like.

32 selfies taken with a cellphone, using every filter created by human race... now, that's not cool.

deviantART is not Tumblr

This website is not a random Tumblr blog where you upload pictures you like. That's illegal, believe it or not. You're not allowed to upload work that's not done by yourself and take the credit. Imagine this: you just finished a painting, you're proud of it and them... someone steals it. That person shows that painting to everyone, taking the credit. Sounds annoying? That guy didn't spend 7 hours of his life working on that artwork, you did.

That's how it feels like.

"Return my llama"

I admit it, my first month here I was uploading lots of drawings and giving hundreds of llamas. Here's the truth, giving llamas and asking for those badges is really annoying. That's like "#likeforlike" tag on Instagram, you're not really earning anything. If you're a newcomer, give it a month or two, you'll forget about the llamas and you'll worry about the art.

Wallpapers taken from other wallpaper sites

Nope. Do it yourself, do something nice. Again, try not to steal other people's work. I know that wallpaper looks really nice and you want to share it with the world, but you can upload it to a site where you agree to upload only your own art. Yes, when you created an account here, you agree to upload your artwork and your artwork only.


9GAG and Reddit are websites where you can find those things. Memes are not good here. Don't upload your Bad Luck Brian or Socially Awkward Penguin here. Yes, I understand, they're very funny but this is not a place for memes. Go to one of those sites and upload the meme over there, not here.

And please, don't create groups about memes, you're just encouraging people to submit memes here.

Bad criticism

There's a thing called "constructive criticism" and it's made to help people to get a better product. We have kids here, don't publish bad comments about their artwork, help them instead. Be nice, you never know... you may harm someone. Write: "Nicely done, you can fix that nose a little bit and get a better result." instead of " You suck, stop uploading drawings."

Why "nicely done" (or something similar) at the beggining? If you say: "his eyes look weird" people may take it as an offense and you sound like some random jealous dude who clicked the deviation to point out the mistakes, instead of watching the artwork as a whole.


We have some amazing artists in this site, these people have unbelievable skills and they're really good at what they do. So, you find this picture... like, an actual photograph, you use a black and white filter, and you upload it as your work and you say that's a photorealistic drawing you made. I found so many of these people on deviantART. Again, we have great artists over here who are great at photorealism, but we also have these people...

Do you know those apps where you can take a picture and add "sketch" filter? Some users upload pictures with that filter here, and it's very obvious.

Movie screenshots

Movie makers are artists, too. Don't take a screenshot of the latest Godzilla movie, because the monster or the fights look cool and it will be a hit on deviantART. Don't upload that, not even if you give credit. You have to upload your own work!

Photomanipulation... without permission

I think this one is very obvious. You can manipulate a photograph, but if the person who took that picture doesn't know about it? It sounds bad doesn't it?

Not a place for random screenshots

You have 150 notifications here, that's nice, you're impressed and happy. Take that  screenshot and save for yourself as a good memory. If you upload that here, it would look terrible. Think about it.

There's more, but I can't really remember most of them. Have you found any of these? Do you have some other big nopes that I forgot? Comment below if you do and thanks for reading.

If you enjoyed this journal, make sure to visit this blog where I contribute some articles:

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Comic Book Illustrator and hobbyist. I've drawn covers for comic book in some companies, but right now I'm working in indie comics and adapting scripts that I find interesting. Thanks for your support, it's been so nice since 2012, now more than 2000 people follow me on Instagram and some of my drawings are frequently shared on sites like Tumblr and Instagram, without taking out the credits. Thanks!

I work on more things like screenwriting and directing shorts!

Hope you like what you see here, I've been uploading drawings since 2011, so you can see my progress. I'm fixing half of my gallery! Thanks for stopping by.


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